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Most Hot Springs Striper Fishing Guide trips will start at the closest boat ramp to our fishing destination. Your fishing trip will start before day break.  All fishing equipment and bait is provided.  Make sure to bring appropriate clothing, and feel free to bring your beverage ofchoice to make your Hot Springs Striper Fishing Guide trip comfortable and enjoyable.  Bottled water is provided.  Keep any additional carry on items to the minimum.  Storage space is limited.   

As a top notch Hot Springs Fishing Guide, I use several different methods of fishing. Slow trolling, down lining, planer boards, top water, and occasional umbrella rigs. I always have and use live bait. My style of fishing involves everyone on the boat. My goal is for myself and the fishing party to work together, to ensure we maximize our time on the water and catch as many fish as possible. I like to practice catch and release when possible. If you would like to keep your fish, I will fillet and package them for you.

If you or your fishing party needs transportation, no problem.  I am willing to provide transportation to and from the fishing destination if need be. If you have any other questions regarding your day on the water, please give me a call or send me an email.

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If you've never experienced a guided trip with a qualified Lake Ouachita Striper Guide, well you're in for a real treat. If you have never felt the awesome power of a striped bass, you are in for a big surprise.  A Lake Ouachita striped bass is by far the hardest fighting fresh water fish. When a striper hits, there's no mistake, it's a striper. The shear force of the strike, the loud scream of the drag, and the never die attitude of stripers will have you begging for more action.  Striper fishing can go from zero fish in the boat to limited out in a matter of minutes.  

Stripers are a schooling fish which constantly swims.  A striper can travel over 20 miles in one day.  Just because you caught stripers in one spot today, does not mean they will be there tomorrow. Their main source of food is shad.  If you can find the shad, the stripers will usually be close by.  Stripers can be caught year round, with great action any month of the year.  Lake temperatures usually determine where the fish are and the best method to catch them.

Striper fishing can be slow at times. These fish constantly swim so they will move in and out of different areas. One minute the fish are gone, the next minute, you have multiple hook ups.  The great thing about striper fishing is it gives you a chance to hit the lake and relax, enjoy the scenery, and the opportunity to catch a fish of a Lifetime.

I will encourage you to grab your spouse, kids, or friends and book a guided striper fishing trip as soon as possible. The experience of catching a big striper is something everyone should experience.  Their is no better way too spend quality time with family and friends. Xtreme Strike Guide Service is ready to book your next striper fishing adventure.

​Lake Ouachita Striper Fishing

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